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Look to Fumakilla for reliability and environmental compatibility in
new-generation insecticides
Fumakilla Limited is a diversified, multi-market organization with marketing representation in over 100 countries and annual sales of approximately 16 billion(yen). The company develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of high quality insecticides and toiletries, and a variety of gardening and pet care products. The quality of our product mix combined with a worldwide marketing base and strong sales and distribution system continue to set us apart from others in the international marketplace. Fumakilla was the first to develop an electronic mosquito destroyer.
Our aerosol insecticides produce no offensive odor. And Mosquito Coils and VAPE are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered. In a world of new economic realities, Fumakilla's breadth and diversity, competitive position and value-in-use of product lines meet the challenge of the times.

Company Profile
“Quality for Daily Use” is our Communication Phrase.

To provide our customer with the products that are developed from users’ standpoint...

Fumakilla has been offering the products that make the human life more comfortable for about 80 years since our foundation.

Our aim is “Quality for Daily Use”.

It is our belief that products used in our daily life should have a quality suitable for daily use.

Hoping for more smiles in daily life, we will continue to propose products of high quality generated from our extensive Research & Development activities and efficient production control system.

Research & Development Department
Basic Researches and Innovative Idea

Fumakilla is research-and-development-oriented company and therefore the Research & Development Department is indispensable to Fumakilla. Fumakilla creates innovative products by mixing research results and novel idea. For example, Fumakilla starts development of an insecticide not only by pursuing an insecticidal potential, but by studying the ecology of insects from the viewpoint of the harmony between the nature and the human life. Fumakilla is also ahead of the time of the environment reservation in its early approach to the repellent technology enabling prevention of harmful insects from entering houses without killing them. Other interesting study themes include diffusing technology expected to play an important role in future development of insecticides, measures against house tick and humidity causing more damages with the change of the housing conditions, fragrance and others having effects on human psychology, and bio-related themes, such as soil microorganisms and organic farming. Needless to say, the department is also actively engaged in expansion of the four conventional lines including insecticides, home care products, garden care products, and pet care products. As an extension of the “ alcohol disinfectant” series that became popular when the O-157 problem stoked public fears, cosmetic products, such as skin care products, and health-related products are being developed. Fumakilla will continue to develop unique products that “No One But Fumakilla Can Create”, based on its rich experience and technological know-how accumulated since 1925 in an open R & D environment where the company is cooperating with universities, public organs, and other firms.

Production/Quality Control Departments
As a Cornerstone to realize the quality

A trustworthy brand is produced only in a trustworthy plant. The Hiroshima Plant stretches out in an extensive green site of 132,000 m2. Fumakilla products are produced in the wonderful environment facing Miyajima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, on the opposite shore. Maintaining arrays of production lines built full use of the company’s long experiences and know-how as well as brand new technology, the plant has a quantitatively and qualitatively sufficient capacity. For example, the daily production capacities of Vape Mat and Aerosol are 4,000,000 pieces and 50,000 cans respectively. The high quality of the products produced in the plant is partly supported by the Industrial Design field enhanced by use of the Computer Aided Design system and the metallic mold factory build in-house, which is a rare case in the industry. Fumakilla execute a severe quality control system without any compromise. Our products are used in daily life and, therefore, there is no excuse for any defect. We are taking all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, such as confirmation of the safety in the R & D stage, careful inspection of raw materials, and production control based on the computerized monitoring system. In addition, the quality control operation is double-checked by the independent “Quality Control Department”.

Sales/Information Systems Departments
Primary interface to customers, the age, and information

Product-oriented conception was once dominant, then, marketing-oriented conception, and now user-oriented conception has become mainstream. In this age of diversified values, success depends on how we can put ourselves in users’ place. Fumakilla believes that our sales activities are equal to communication activities. Its sales style is community- or human-based one. Our sales staffs at the forefront obtain the latest information from the customers society, etc. and then feed back what he or she has heard from the distributors, retailers, and users to the future merchandising, marketing, and sales promotion. Fumakilla’s emphasis is put not only on such user-oriented sales activities but also on early introduction of Information Technology. For example, we established teleconferencing system at very early stage by using a dedicated line connection in order to hold electronic meetings among its Hiroshima Plant, headquarters, and branch offices, TV meetings are held every day. In addition, efforts are being made to establish more efficient sales support system such as early establishment of website, setting-up of a LAN environment and a mobile network, and participation in the industry’s Value Added Network “PLANET” connecting the manufacturers and distributors.

Overseas Department
Expansion of our presence around the world

Fumakilla is successfully coping with the growing trend of globalization. For example, we established a joint venture company to produce the insecticides in India in 1997. Our positive overseas strategy is based on our belief that “popular products in Japan should be accepted in the world”. Our success in overseas operation depends on our full confidence in the quality of our products and we have continued direct dealings with foreign customers.

Fumakilla has been expanding into overseas markets year after year since its foundation in order to offer “excellent articles of daily use to meet the quality of life”. The network is connecting more than 80 countries in the world at the present. We have also established joint venture company in Malaysia, and Indonesia and other local production facilities under our technical assistance in the Italy and 13 other countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. We are exporting our products to more than 70 countries, conducting business activities literally worldwide. It is worthy of special mention that we are not only exporting our own products, but also strengthening our import and sales business. We are dealing with various products such as Persian carpet Iranian proud of, bedspread and character goods. Through such overseas business and activities, Fumakilla can also collect the latest information in the world.

Company Organization 公司组织机构

Distribution channels 流通机构

Supported by a staff of creative experts, Fumakilla has built a strong marketing base in cooperation with agents and retailers. Our global network is committed to responding to consumer needs in household insecticides and other products that bring cleanliness, comfort and well-being to the home.

Sales activities 销售活动

Fumakilla Sales Personnel are comprised of Regular Sales Persons and Promotional Sales Persons working as a team to execute sales activities.

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